Vodafone Shared Services Budapest

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Be a member of a fast growing international organization! Vodafone Shared Services Europe is part of the Vodafone Group and operates in two EU countries as a commercial HUB for Vodafone activities all around the world with almost 3000 colleagues.

 The Budapest based centre started its operation in 2007. Now it serves as a Financial, Enterprise, Business Intelligence, HR and Sourcing HUB, continuously focusing on supporting and improving processes in 29 countries and offering solutions to 150+ Vodafone Enterprise Customers. The Bucharest based centre started its operation in 2014. Now it serves as a centre for excellence in Technology, Customer Service, Fraud, Security Services and Finance hub. Our Technology department is focused on Enterprise Product and Services, Infrastructure Management, Applications Operations and Customer Service Desk.

Using state of the art technologies, we are offering hi-tech solutions to Vodafone clients in 6 European markets. Join us in Hungary and in Romania and be the part of our global team, supporting Vodafone clients around the world.


Keresett pozíciók


The candidate will identify opportunities to support top management decisions of the Vodafone Procurement Company (VPC) to improve business outcomes through the use of analytical techniques and visualisation tools (e.g QlikView, QlikSense).


This role will be responsible for extracting data and create complex reports from the Data Warehouse using SQL scripts, and provide information towards management with the help of Business Intelligence Tools.


The purpose of the role is to manage the complex Billing Process of Vodafone Global Enterprise’s customers. The person needs to have strong Data Analyzing skills with an open mind for Telecommunications. The Data Analyst will need to work closely with other Team members and has to support them from a technical aspect. 


This is a role defined within the ERP delivery model and is responsible for managing end to end delivery of small and medium demands for a specific functional area. Great opportunity to integrate various IT systems with different SAP modules and travel across Vodafone Group.


In this role you will modify and further develop IT tools used in SCM, to ensure that the end-to-end functional processes operate flawlessly and provide technical expertise in SAP and SCM tool support covering all SCM functions and processes as well as initiate and execute process and system changes and manage development and implementation projects.


We’re looking for a Senior expert who will responsible for all IT Security projects within VSS Budapest including process development and synchronizing group policies.


We’re looking for an experienced Information Security / compliance expert who will be responsible for updating global & local policies, makes sure that no data leakage happens.


As part of a global team you’ll be responsible for penetration test projects within all 4 Vodafone Shared Services Centres.