About the CEU Department of Economics and Business:

We have developed our programs to best prepare talented students – from fresh graduates to senior-level professionals – to understand and thrive in today’s economic, business and social realities. We offer innovative and research-led education in one of the world’s most buzzing financial and tech hubs, complete with an award-winning startup incubator. Our international faculty specialize in economics, statistics, finance and business, providing an ideal learning environment for future analysts, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and researchers.

Besides our full-time MA and PhD programs, the below business programs are also available part-time:

Master of Science in Business Analytics


The curriculum provides a unique mix of analytics, computer science and business: we start with building solid programming skills, then dive into data analysis, big data and cloud computing, machine learning and data engineering. Complete your training with use case seminars as well as text mining, deep-learning and agile project management courses, and put your knowledge to the test in a real-life capstone consulting project with an industry partner.

Master of Science in Finance


The program combines an industry-driven finance curriculum with data analytics, technology skills, fintech and legal studies. Learn from leading professors and industry veterans, and develop your applied skills through real-life business cases, simulations and a capstone consulting project. Top up your training with the MS in Technology Management and Innovation program to become a fintech leader or launch your own startup in the CEU InnovationsLab.

Master of Science in Technology Management and Innovation


The hands-on training is designed to develop your business, finance and leadership skills for career advancement or entrepreneurship. Recognize tech trends, align business needs and technology strategy, and make business cases that justify investments. You can also apply what you learned during a capstone consulting project, complement your training with the MS in Finance program or launch your own startup in the CEU InnovationsLab.

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