Pafka Szilárd

Chief data scientist, Epoch USA

Rövid bemutatkozás

Szilard studied Physics in the 90s and obtained a PhD by using
statistical methods to analyze the risk of financial portfolios. He
worked in finance, then more than a decade ago moved to become the Chief
Scientist of a tech company in Santa Monica, California doing everything
data (analysis, modeling, data visualization, machine learning, data
infrastructure etc). He is the founder/organizer of several meetups in
the Los Angeles area (R, data science etc) and the data science
community website He is the author of a well-known
machine learning benchmark on github (1000+ stars), a frequent speaker
at conferences (keynote/invited at KDD, R-finance, Crunch, eRum and
contributed at useR!, PAW, EARL, H2O World, Data Science Pop-up,
Dataworks Summit etc.), and he has developed and taught graduate data
science and machine learning courses as a visiting professor at two
universities (UCLA in California and CEU in Europe).

Miben tud segíteni?

Advanced Machine Learning (if you'd like to book a slot, please make
sure you are already familiar with the basics of machine learning, and
you have more advanced questions/topics to discuss; please also check
out some of my github repos before the meeting